TEDxUHowest 2013: Playing the World for Good


Over again

TEDxUHowest 2013 is over again. The mix of speakers, audience and organizers was more than inspiring. We're full of energy and eager to start thinking about the next edition. We hope you join us in this process and help us get the TEDxUHowest 3.0 in 2014 of the ground. Thank you for being on this year's event or, if you missed it, hope to see you next year! Have one last look at the program and visit the pages of the inspiring speakers through their personal pages.

What was the focus of our 2013 edition?

TED is about spreading ideas worth spreading. But is this enough? Don't we have to go a step further and use these good ideas to make the world a better place. Perhaps we should, but change is hard. Making choices is hard. To enable this we need to make making the right choices fun again. That's what playing the world for good is all about.

The speakers are listed in four sections:

  • work and play: production
  • reaching out: education and media
  • our body, our world : health and the measured/quantified self
  • our world for everybody: economy and ecology