Geek culture on the rise!

The geeks are the people who are very much into the deep research and seldom mix up with people and consider them to have a superior intellect than others. They remain aloof and consider them as unique in terms of their mental prowess.

Geek culture is a collective identity that has culminated since a long time into the group of the people who are identified as the following:

  • Pop culture
  • Tech savvy
  • Socially misfits
  • Underdogs

The geek term cannot be unilaterally defined as it encompasses various trends that have evolved over the years.

Transit phase!

Bridging the gap between the past and present is the term geek that is entails the terminologies like eccentrics and the intelligentsia class. To your utter surprise, see how the transition has arrived! Earlier such people were being termed as those who don’t like to mix up with others and have a world of their own.

geek culture13

As the times evolved and the geeks begin to earn enormous fortunes because of their innovations, the acceptance became a common trend for them. They are unfashionable lot who has the love forgoing deeper into any passion they undertake.

In general parlance the geek culture refers to anything that does not conform to the societal norms. There was a time when geeks were associated with something that remained untouched from the monetary aspects of the inventions they made. As the time changed, the geeks begin to acquire a different connotation that partakes in the money-making idea.

It no more remains aloof from the entirety of being commercial because money remains an important aspect of fostering the growth of a pursued idea to bring greater developments. The owners of the big companies are now the biggest names in the world and at a time they were said to be the geeks, so see how the things get transformed!